Thursday, January 14, 2010 bad

I know its been a good minute since I last posted; please accept my most sincere apologies for that. I have been getting back to life after the vacation, dealing with my middle schooler who has a 1.47 GPA, yet doesn't wanna go to the neighborhood high school (you have to apply to get into the high school you want around here, kinda like college-and a 1.47 would only get him laughed at)...going back to work, looking for a new residence (mad early, our lease isn't up until the end of July, but I really want to move this year!), and my physical health. Mental health is still an issue, but physical is taking over.

Had my annual physical yesterday, and some really unsettling things were found.

Please bear with me. It is my intention to continue this blog on purpose (AYD, mommahood and dealing with my depression), but it may turn into something else, depending on my mood. I appreciate you reading so far, and hope you will continue. I especially appreciate the comments; not only does it let me know that you're reading, but I get a look into your lives, your insights. You offer me ideas that I take away to work with. I look forward to your words.

So, as we go into 2010, I look forward to being here with you all.

Please please please go to the doctor folks. So often, we go about life with minor aches and pains, pop a pill and think nothing of it, yet something bigger is developing inside of us. Paying for insurance is something adults seem to have to do, but grown ups actually take advantage of it. If you have it, be a grown up.

See you next time,


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  1. Praying and hoping all your physical aliments are healed!!