Thursday, March 4, 2010

Working things out

Sorry I've been so quiet lately. After the storm of the century, I have really had to buckle down and get some things done. I am currently rehearsing for a play (The Vagina Monologues, yay!), working with my student, with my kiddios and working out. I'm also seeing the new therapist!

Being in the show has renewed my spirit in acting. I LOVE being an actress...I love the demands, the characterization, love being able to step into someone else's life for awhile, to be able to take someone else to another world for as long as they are suspended in belief. Of course, this play has only one showing, which also works well for my schedule...being a busy momma and all...

As far as therapy, it seems to be going well. I met with the new doctor, and I am very comfortable with her (I just wish she would speak louder! Makes me feel like I'm going deaf!) So, after a long discussion, we decided on a treatment plan. Therapy once a week, and I will meet with the doctor monthly. I am not so gung ho about medication, so after this first month without it, we will decide if medication is best. I am so encouraged by this news. What a great compromise...and I am glad that I was given the option in the first place.

Alrighty folks...just wanted to drop in for a quick update...will be chatting with you again soon! Thanks for hangin' in there with me!


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